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Information to Ryokan SAKURAYA

Ryokan SAKURAYA is located in the Beppu Hattou Kannawa Onsen the atmosphere is full. We can also walk around Jigoku Tour.
Those who come by car are 5 minutes from Oita Expressway"Beppu IC" and 5 minutes from National Route 10"Kyushu Odan Highway Entrance".
There are seven parking lots available for parking on the hotel's premises.
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3 Kumi, Kannawa Furomoto, Beppu City

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10 minutes by Oita Expressway Beppu IC car, 25 minutes by bus ※Car navigation is convenient for search by phone number.

■Please be careful■
When using a taxi from the station, please tell "to the"Sakura-ya along a hot spring street ".
(There is a hotel with a name similar to the hotel on a Kannawa, so we may guide you by mistake.) Also from the bus stop is a 5-minute walk through "Ideyuzaka".
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Fukuoka
    Kyushu Expressway to Oita Expressway - Beppu IC - Exit Get out from the exit and turn right at the traffic light, turn left on the 3rd counted from the signal before the Umi Jigoku


    ■Please be careful■
    ·Use of parking lot before check in / after check out is prohibited.
    ·Please note that buses and large vehicles over buses can not pass and park.Passengers such as wagons are OK.
  • ◆ Access

    Kannawa the city of Kannawa, old passages narrow.
    Sakura-ya is located on the pathway where Sakura-ya from the side grooves on the Yamanami Highway.
    Please be careful when you come in.
    ○ Beppu Station
     About 25 minutes by Oita Kotsu Bus, Kannawa Row line, 5 minutes walk from Jigokubaru Bus Stop Station
     Kamenoi Bus, about 25 minutes by Kannawa railway line, get off at the Kannawa (Terminus) 5 minutes on foot
     About 15 minutes by car and taxi
    ○ About 5 minutes by car from Beppu IC
    ○ Approximately 5 minutes by car from Beppu International Tourist Port
    ○ Oita Airport
     Get off at Beppu International Tourist Port Beppu Oita Bus Bound For Airport,
      Ten minutes by taxi
      Get off at the Kannawa Onsen line "Jigokubaru" by bus, 5 minutes on foot
    ○ From Fukuoka take a express bus and get off at the Kannawa Guchi Stop.8 minutes on foot